Hola strangers,

Welcome to our blog!

As you may or may not know, me and my girlfriend (Stina) are going on a trip through South America. After centuries of being slaughtered by conquistadores, enduring slavery, being robbed of all their natural resources by foreign countries, having to listen to Reggeaton 24/7 and eating pollo a la plancha every other day, the list of atrocities in South America will grow. From May 17th the people of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia will have to endure the sight of the whitest legs in Western Europe and deal with the worst sense of humor known to man. On this site you will be able to follow our progress and adventures as we travel through these countries right until the point where we either get robbed of all our possessions, get kidnapped, or I just get too lazy to continue writing these posts.

Either way, our bags are ready and so are we.