Copacabana (Lake Titicaca)

Our last stop in Bolivia is in Copacabana near Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America and the highest navigable lake in the world. To reach it our bus had to cross the water on a dodgy looking ‘ferry’, luckily we had to get out and cross the water in a separate boat.

 In Copacabana there’s not much to see besides a basilica and the view of the bay from on top of a mountain. Everyone just mainly comes here to make a day trip to Isla del Sol and cross the border to Peru.


Isla del Sol is a cozy little island in Lake Titicaca about two hours sailing on the slowest boat ever. There are no roads  or motorized vehicles on the island so it’s nice and quiet. It’s home to some Inca ruins who inhabited the area in the 15th century and has some beautiful views. Just a fun daytrip.

Not much more to say about this place!  Sorry!


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