After our time in the Sacred Valley we left the mountains and went to the coast of Peru. We visited Nazca, which is famous for the Nazca Lines. These are large lines in the desert (up to 370m) that form so called geoglyphs made by the Nazca people from 500 BC to 500 AD. The lines are drawn in the sand and make up figures. There is a lot of discussion on what the purpose of the lines was, but either way they are nice to see.


The best way to view these figures is by a small airplane. We booked one of the hundred flights leaving everyday that fly over some of them. We were warned that a lot of people get sick on the flights because of all the sharp turns. They were not kidding. Although taking some anti-motion sickness pills in advance, it did not take long for the nausea to kick in. Trying to take pictures  in the meantime did not help the situation.



 But we managed not to puke, in contrast to one of the other passengers, and to see some of the figures. The co-pilot was constantly showing us the lines, but with a few of them I had no clue what he was pointing at. After a half hour flight we were glad to be back on the ground.





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