Lima is the capital and the largest city of Peru (with over 7 million inhabitants). It was going to be the most dangerous city on our journey, but in hindsight we did not really notice it. We spent most of our time walking around in the beautiful colonial city center.



We visited an old monastery, named convento de San Francisco, which had a Harry Potter-esque library and catacombs with thousands of skeletons. We ended the first day in a famous park full of fountains. It had a fountain show in the evening with a high Disneyland feeling: filled with loud music, lasers, projections and annoying tourists.

The second day we started in an area which was famous for it’s street art and graffiti. It was full of amateur photographers photograping even more amateur models. Afterwards we walked along the coastline, on the Miraflores boardwalk, back to the city center (not knowing it was going to be 10 kilometers).


We were lucky to avoid the tourist bus that crashed and killed 9 tourist, so we were able to go to our next stop: Huaraz!




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