Trujillo is our last stop in Peru before crossing the border to Ecuador. Trujillo is famous for two large archeological sites from ancient civilisations.

The first one is called Huace de Moche, which was the capital of the Moche people. An ancient culture that lived from 100-700 A.D on the Peruvian coast. They built Huace de la Luna, a large impressive temple that they kept building bigger in order to please the gods. But after 30 years of drought and famine, despite intense sacrifices and praying, they got fed up and everyone just left.



A large group of this city’s inhabitants later on formed the Chimú culture which had Chan Chan as their capital. They lived from 850-1470 AD and built huge temples for their kings. The special thing was that they constructed a completely new temple site for every new king, so the area is filled with different sites. We visited one of the temples and after an hour of faking to understand anything of our private tour we went back to the hotel.


As a farewell present to Peru we accidentally flooded our entire hotel room to the point that there was about 2cm of standing water everywhere. We informed the staff, quickly  got out and made our way to Ecuador.



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